The Australian Blacksmiths Association is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to preserving and promoting the ancient and honourable craft of the blacksmith.
Check out this site for news – events and a whole range of Blacksmithing information

Anvilfire is a unique resource for blacksmiths and related metal workers. A great on-line metalworking information source. Anvilfire is dedicated to advancing modern blacksmithing while retaining traditional standards of craftsmanship. Additions to the site are made on a daily basis.

Thirty years ago, the Artist-Blacksmith’s Association of North America, Inc. began with only twenty blacksmiths who had a vision. Their vision has unfolded with a membership that has grown to over 5,000 strong.The resurgence of the “lost” art of blacksmithing is unmistakably evident.

Wayne has a simple motto: “If I wouldn’t be happy to own it myself it’s not good enough to sell to a customer!”

Medieval History comes alive.
Expert living historians bring the daily life of peasants, tradesfolk, nobles & knights to your school, fete, festival or business. From the daily grind of breadmaking to knights vying for honorable victory, Australia’s leading medieval education company, Days of Knights, transports you to the Middle Ages in an exciting, engaging and entertaining set of presentations, or we can tailor a presentation to fit you or your clients’ needs

Ironfest is an historical and cultural event held annually in Lithgow NSW around April each year

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