My classes start with the basic course and this is the foundation that all other blocks or module’s are based on.

The course runs over two days, 9am-4pm including lunch and tea breaks on both days.A light lunch, tea and coffee etc are provided as are all materials and class notes. Classes are usually on a one to one basis although some people like to bring a friend and thats OK. To start the course just ring or email and we will arrange a time that suits both of us and we are away.

The cost of the basic course is $450 and you need to be over 18 years of age

All you need to bring is:

  • Sensible clothing, cotton or wool is best nylon burns easily
  • Strong footwear, boots for preference not thongs or runners
  • A hat or cap keeps dust, ash etc out of your hair
  • Safety glasses and ear protection if you have them (if not I will provide)
  • Some people like to work with their own hammer that’s OK but all tools are provided
  • Most important a sense of fun

The Basic Blacksmithing Course

This course will not produce an instant blacksmith but is designed to provide people with an opportunity to explore and gain an appreciation of the basic skills and tools of the craft
This is a course for people who would like to try their hand at Blacksmithing

Skills Covered

  • Introduction to the basic tools and their safe use
  • Forges, the fire and fuels
  • Basic pointing: round point, square point, chisel point, fish tail
  • Drawing out
  • Making an eye
  • Hot cutting, splitting and punching
  • Twisting and bending
  • Making scrolls, scroll development and scroll jigs
  • Making tongs

Expected Outcomes

Participants will have gained an overview and feel for the ancient craft of blacksmithing and should be well equipped by their experience to decide if they wish to pursue it further in either the decorative or traditional field or both

Participants will produce a number of items, which are theirs to keep for further reference including a pair of blacksmith’s tongs. Suitable tongs are in my experience are very difficult to obtain and as a blacksmith you must be able to make your own

Are you still with me?

Basic blacksmithing is a pre-requisite for all other modules

Additional Modules


  • Leaves, vines etc
  • Animal heads

Anvil Tools

  • Hold fast
  • Hardy
  • Spring fullers
  • Hot set

Decorative Scrolls

  • Ribbon end
  • Solid snub
  • Fish tail
  • Half penny
  • Bolt end

Tong Fest

  • Making a  variety of tongs
  • Correct striking techniques
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