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  1. Dr Alan Clark
    Dr Alan Clark says:

    I gave my wife a weekend course with Ray for her birthday. We did it together even though it has been her passion more than mine. That said, we both had a wonderful time. We learnt heaps, enjoyed every minute,and have both found a new, common interest. Best of all we feel we have made a great new friend.

  2. Dick Adams
    Dick Adams says:

    Dear Sir
    I recently had the good fortune to undertake an introduction to blacksmithing course with one of your members, Ray Gard, at his Raven Forge at Thalloo. I had been wanting to try my hand at blacksmithing for many years and made an internet search of blacksmiths who proaid.ed training courses. What attracted me to Mr Gard’s course was the fact that he offered one-on-one training and, when I contacted him, he told me to “bring a sense of humour”. I could not have made a better choice.
    Mr Gard’s skill and experience at his craft, combined with his excellent teaching manner, made my experience both interesting and productive. In past lives I have had a ht of experience in adult education; and I could not fault Mr Gard’s approach to his course. Whilst relaxed, he paid close attention to safety and multi-tasking and I really benefited from his approach. One of the things which really impressed me was his dedication and faith to his ancient craft of blacksmithing – there were no shortcuts; all holes were punched and not drilled; and all worth was done with a traditional coke forge at the anvil.
    I found Mr Gard to be a friendly, knowledgeable and affable man and I commend him to you and your members as a person who displays, in my opinion and experience, the highest standards of integrity in your craft. I should have no hesitation, whatsoever, in recommending his course. Best wishes to you and your members for helping this ancient and most worthwhile craft alive.
    Yours sincerely
    Dick Adams Springwood, NSW

  3. Geraldvop
    Geraldvop says:

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